White label solution for banks and payment service providers

Banks and payment service providers can use Computop Paygate as a white label solution with their own branding, to offer their customers immediate access to more than 250 payment methods and finance service providers. These include local and international payment options for e-commerce, mobile payment, MOTO and PoS solutions, giving banks and payment service providers the opportunity to make payment methods and fraud prevention services available to their customers across all channels and across the entire world.

Computop White Label Solution for Banks and PSPs

The global payment landscape is complex especially in geographies like Europe, Asia or Latin America. Banks and PSPs have to consider and navigate an array of payment options that include online payments to wallet systems, local debit card schemes or immediate transfers and secure invoice payment.

Computop Paygate is an all-in-one payment platform that meets every challenge – whether technological or regulatory, encryption-related or in customer support. This makes it easier for banks and PSPs to offer their merchants global payment processing across all channels, whilst the banks and payment service providers retain their branding and their position as a reliable partner in the minds of the merchants.

In addition to creditworthiness checks, the portfolio of effective fraud prevention services includes identifying the country of origin of IP addresses and credit cards, as well as hardware fingerprinting using device IDs and velocity checks, for secure online trade.  

Partnering with Computop

The Computop Paygate white label solution makes it easy for banks and PSPs to achieve significant cost savings while rapidly facilitating payment processing and access to new geographies. All of which is important for expanding their payment portfolio and generating additional revenue streams.

With our ‘one‐stop‐shop’ solution to managing all the payment related issues involved – including instant access to a technology platform and eradicating the need to manage regulatory requirements, processing, SSL certificates and encryption, customer facing support or fraud management – Computop makes it easy for your customers to do business, wherever they may be, while ensuring your brand stays uppermost in their mind.