E-Commerce in Europe: a variety of payment methods

With a GDP of more than $16,000 billion, Europe offers a highly valuable market for retailers who want to expand internationally. Despite the fascinating growth in Asia and other developing countries, Europe offers consistent purchasing power, legal stability, logistics and infrastructure. And these are important success factors for merchants as they grow overseas.

Payment Expectations

A consumer in Germany, for example, expects to see a retailer with a German address and prices posted in Euros, not US dollars. In the UK, people assume an online shop will have prices in British Pounds. Any deviation from these expectations will make a potential customer hesitate, and that increases the chance of the consumer leaving the website and going elsewhere for his or her purchase.

This also applies to the payment methods that customers expect at the checkout. While credit cards and PayPal are accepted and used around much of the world, there are methods of payment specific to different countries. And consumers  in these countries expect their preferred payment methods offered when shopping online.


Expansion in Europe offers many opportunities.

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