Debt management

Computop and its various partners offer a comprehensive debt management solution, which has been perfectly tailored to the Computop Paygate interfaces. As a result, retailers benefit from reliable, standardised processes and can completely focus on the core aspects of their business. 

Computop Debtor Management

Intelligent debt management

Computop will ensure that your cash flow remains as efficient as possible. As a centralised solution for your accounting needs, the debt and claims management solution provides transparent and up-to-date information on available financial resources. In addition to accounts receivable and dunning, the portfolio of services includes debt collection and a detailed reporting system.

High degree of automation

A high allocation rate for incoming payments plays a crucial role in ensuring efficient accounting, especially in the highly automated area of e-commerce. Computop Paygate provides a reliable interface to the shop system and payment types. Reassignment to SAP and DATEV is also possible via integrated connections. Managing payments via Computop Paygate means all payment types from the online shop are automatically factored in.

Reliable protection

Order data is processed in compliance with legal requirements (including data protection policies and standard accounting principles). In using appropriate measures, debt data is protected against loss, unauthorised changes and access by third parties. In addition, a document management system ensures sensitive data is stored securely and cannot be tampered with.