Payment for marketplace – your customised solution

With the internationally deployable full-service payment solution for marketplaces, we make online marketplaces as attractive and uncomplicated as possible for all three parties involved: a seamless buying experience for your end customers, simple processing for your marketplace retailers and an all round carefree package for you. Allowing you to concentrate fully on your core business.

»Benefit from your well-established partners and systems: Marketplace Payment integrates them all.«

Since no two marketplaces and no two operators are the same, an off-the-shelf payment solution is not an option for us. We tailor our marketplace payment specifically to your needs and requirements, whether these are B2C or B2B. Capitalize on what already works for your business: you can integrate partners you already work with. In joint workshops, we work together to find out what is important to you and which of our flexible systems suits you best.

And if your needs grow over time, our marketplace payment will grow with you! Speaking of growth, our solution is constantly evolving and expanding to meet market demands. With Computop, you can be sure that you are at the cutting edge of payment solution every step of the way.

The benefits of our payment for marketplaces at a glance

  • Full-service marketplace payment solution
  • Integrate your already existing partners as KYC, acquirer, marketplace platforms or payout partners.
  • Customisable and tailored to suit individual needs
  • Can be used internationally
  • Maximum convenience for marketplace operators, marketplace retailers and end customers
  • Fully adaptable to suit new requirements
  • One single API integration
  • Omnichannel solution for online and in-store transactions
  • B2B-specific requirements can be met with ease

Payment for marketplaces: the service components

The registration, identification and necessary verification of retailers is carried out with minimal effort on both sides – without delay or longwaiting times! Here, we are also able to integrate your existing KYC.

Of course, depending on which setup your prefer, our solution can also provide you with all of the functions necessary to comply with country-specific guidelines. You, your retailers and customers are in safehands with us!

As a leading payment provider, we will equip your marketplace with all the relevant payment methods. Currency conversion is also a feature. Feel free to get in touch.

Our payment for marketplaces allows you to collect payments internationally and open several different accounts, making shopping especially convenient for you and your customers.

Whether it be payments, commissions, credit notes or returns, you can maintain optimum control over your processes and keep an eye on the payment flows of all marketplace retailers, thanks to the intuitive management interface and integrated ERP system. Detailed reports ensure maximum transparency.

Commission payments are settled automatically, in real-time and incompliance with the German Payment Services Supervision Act [ZAG]– this occurs instantly together with the sales payment. You can also setup specific commission models for individual retailers. Mass payments are no challenge for us.

Items from various retailers are gathered together for marketplace customers in a single shopping cart and can be paid for together in one transaction. Foreign currencies are converted, providing your customers with a seamless shopping experience. For you as the marketplace operator, and your marketplace retailers, shopping carts are split for all payment transactions. All the while, partial credit notes, partial cancellations and similar payment functions are still possible.

Our tried-and-tested risk and fraud-prevention tools enable you to identify and block scammers, without blocking honest buyers – thus maximising your conversion!

Functionalities of Computops Marketplace Payment


  • Onboarding of sellers via webform (capture, KYC, response)
  • Custom processes for KYC collection /selection of providers
  • KYCs collection by API


  • Using PSP (Computop) and Acquirer of Marketplace Choice
  • Accepting payment cards and a broad range of APMs
    (incl. B2b Swift, SCT, SDD)
  • Enabling APM to pay funds directly to Marketplace
    or its Acquirer if required
  • Simple payment API
  • Mixed basket compatible (e.g. Supermarket’s own products
    not escrowed and with current fees)
  • Fully customizable payment page


  • Providing payment structure fully compliant with PSD2
  • Using existing or desired payment institutions
    (as opposed to one set option)
  • Collecting funds into PI managed trust account
  • AML compliance tools


  • Integrated to Mirakl and other marketplace platforms
  • Plugins to shopping cart relevant for marketplaces

Commission and Marketplace fees

  • Calculating fees and commissions based on marketplace rules
  • Integrating commissions through custom files if necessary


  • Easily configurable payout rules (pay per schedule or on demand, to set or dynamic account numbers) or API
  • Enabling various Payout providers depending on requirements
    and preferences
  • FX/currency exchange and payouts in a broad range of markets

Back Office

  • ERP-specific file for accounting integration
  • Assisting marketplace in managing reserves and factoring risk
  • Reconciling for all payment methods types, including bank transfers and swift
  • Dunning/retrying transactions, debt recovery


  • Building functionality and connections on demand quickly
  • Dedicated workshops (Technical, Post-payment, onboarding, Accounting, Invoicing)