Payment optimised for mobile commerce

In order to be able to establish yourself with customers who prefer to shop online via their smartphone or tablet, it is worth casting a critical eye over your own webshop, as only when this is optimised will mobile shoppers be converted into repeat customers. A user-friendly checkout is a crucial aspect in the successful implementation of a mobile shop. There are two essential points to consider here: having the right mix of payment options with suitable m-commerce payment methods and properly displaying checkout forms.

Payment method mix for m-commerce

Selecting the right payment method is a decisive factor in achieving a better conversion rate and therefore also greater turnover. Is it difficult or complicated for your customers to use the payment methods offered on their mobile device? A lack of multi-device support, for example, can be one of the biggest hurdles, making it a cumbersome process to enter the information required for a transaction via a mobile device. If a customer has to type in their credit card details using the small keypad on a mobile phone, for example, this inevitably results in a higher number of payment terminations. This can be remedied by offering a facility to save credit card details, however, this does require PCI DSS certification, which entails high costs and a great deal of time and effort. Having the fall-back option of Computop's pseudo card numbers makes things easier here. Along with the high level of security provided, this also has the positive side effect that repeat customers do not need to re-enter their credit card details each time.

eWallet solutions are another option, allowing customers to save their preferred payment type, such as credit card or bank transfer. During the checkout process, customers only need to enter their user name and password to complete an order. Additional information, such as delivery address, is provided directly via the eWallet solution. Ideally, the customer will be directed during the ordering process to an eWallet app already installed on their smartphone or tablet.

Responsive checkout forms

The entry of information can also be optimised for other payment methods using multi-device-enabled checkout forms. With their uniform design which is consistent with the look and feel of your webshop, the checkout forms boost the customer's trust during the ordering process. The responsive design also promotes mobile purchasing behaviour and increases the conversion rate in the long term. After all, alongside great products and fast delivery times, a convenient and straightforward m-commerce checkout process is a decisive factor in the success of your online/mobile shop.

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