Computop Paygate: Global payment processing with local solutions

The Computop Paygate platform is a server-based software that provides secure, seamless and compliant payment processing. Paygate provides a complete, single-source payment system with integrated fraud prevention that can be tailored to the needs of each individual merchant. With over 350 payment methods and acquiring banks across the world, the Paygate platform handles all payment transactions for all commerce. Apart from payment processing, Computop Paygate also offers:

  • integrated fraud prevention
  • 350 payment types and credit card acquirers around the world
  • standardised settlement files for all payment types, allowing automated accounting for the merchant
  • PCI-DSS solutions, reducing the merchant’s PCI footprint
  • a token system that acts as a substitute for credit card data and offers one-click shopping
  • integrated modules or cartridges for leading ERP and shop systems
  • currency conversion
  • a range of interfaces
  • optional modules such as debtor management, risk management and much more.  

Computop Paygate is wholly owned and developed in-house by Computop.    

A complete and secure solution

PCI-DSS certification ensures that merchant customers of Computop can establish a secure and fully-fledged solution for their payment processing at a low cost in terms of both time and money. Computop was founded as long ago as 1997 as one of the pioneer payment service providers. Today, with years of experience and expertise, it is fully established in the national and international markets.

Computop offers prebuilt integration modules for leading ERP and Shop Systems like Demandware, hybris, Intershop, IBM Websphere, Magento, Oxid eSales, SAP that offer payment processing and fraud prevetion tools that reduce cost and time to market. Computop is trusted by more international brands like C&A, Fossil, Otto Group, Rakuten and Samsung.

Computop partners with banks such as UniCredit and other payment service providers (PSPs) to provide a white label solution. Partners benefit from utilising all Paygate features and offerings in their own look, feel and corporate design.

At a Glance

  • More than 350 payment methods and credit card acquirers worldwide
  • Numerous interfaces
  • Integrated ERP- and shop system modules (cartridges)
  • Integrated fraud prevention
  • PCI DSS certified: Minimal efforts for merchants
  • Token-System: anonymised credit card data for One-Click-Shopping
  • Standardised settlement files of all payment methods
  • Additional modules such as debt management, risk management etc.