Computop Analytics & Reporter

Computop offers merchants with a powerful tool that provides a detailed overview and report on all your payment transactions. A web-based application, Computop Analytics, and its Reporter application, provides two comprehensive tools that allow payment processing to be monitored and analysed down to the smallest detail.

Transparency: payment processing analysis in real time  

Using Computop Analytics, merchants can prepare their own sales analyses by different time periods and payment types. The application creates tables with daily and total sales per currency for the selected period. Computop Analytics, offers merchants a secure access to their transaction database and dynamic analysis of payment processing in real time via an internet browser. Merchants receive additional data for settlement or reconciliation via settlement files. Data export also allows direct download of transaction data in CSV format.

At a Glance: Computop Analytics

  • evaluation of your sales in an individual time frame and segmented in payment methods
  • visualisation of daily and total sales per currency
  • user management with role and right administration
  • manual entry of payment order via phone or fax (MOTO)
  • cart terminal for manual entry of card data
  • Abo Manager: easy subscription management
  • manual authorisation of bookings, credit items and annulations
  • data export of settlement files and reconciliation files
  • data available as CSV, CTSF or EPA

Computop Reporter: Visualisation in real time

Detailed and graphic representation is provided via the business intelligence tool, Computop Reporter. This allows merchants to generate a graphic analysis of their payment data without needing database handling skills, so that they always have a complete view of their business. Graphic representation not only allows transactions and sales figures to be processed but also provides a sound basis for commercial decisions.

At a Glance: Computop Reporter

  • detailed analysis of transactional data and sales data
  • optimise your payment with essential information
  • easy and intuitive handling