Payment Insights

Those who know the market know the way.

The world of payment is in constant evolution, but we’re always a step ahead. Today we’re already working on solutions for the day after tomorrow. We’re happy to share the most interesting trends with you in our Payment Insights.


Business in times of Corona

Simple and effective payment solutions for saving the revenue at the Point of Sale.

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Android and apps for POS terminals

In the first episode of the Payment Insights podcast, Henning Brandt and POS expert Moritz Baer talk about a new generation of terminals at the point of sale.

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Higher Revenue at the Point of Sale

The classic Point of Sale (POS) functions, according to an almost archaic principle, derived from a time when cash payers were practically the only payment persona and the shop had a virtually unchallenged existence as a ‘consumer temple’.

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Learning from Apple

The reinterpretation of the Point of Sale transforms it from a pure goods transfer point to a showroom. The retailer puts the experience at the center of attention, today more than ever before.


22 vs. 11



faster. That is how quick customers pay with their mobile phone at the POS, compared to the traditional cash payment, if they use bimetrical authentication on their phones.

China as an innovator

China is increasingly losing its reputation as a copycat stronghold. Information on all products is available on the mobile phone, everything can be ordered via app, payment is made via Alipay and a robot-waiter serves you.


E-Commerce in Latin America

You want to expand into Latin America? Follow these tips to grow your business and optimize your payment strategy!

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Event Shopping

A real opportunity for large, small, stationary and digital shops. 
And a very real challenge for the payment infrastructure.

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1 Click-Shopping

anywhere, anytime, without having to reenter credit card details? The discerning instant shopper says: "I’m happy. Can't wait to do it again".



But how important is M-commerce in Germany and Europe at the moment?

“Mobile first” doesn't apply to all payment methods – the proportion of smartphones in all methods is less than 10%.




is the average shopping cart value for smartphone purchases in the retail sector. Significantly lower than the shopping cart value on a desktop (€ 143.69) or tablet (€ 142.07).




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