Sixt Launches Global Omnichannel Payment With Computop

05/16/2018 | Payment Week

...With the inclusion of the Computop Paygate payment platform and the conversion to uniform, NFC-capable card terminals in the Sixt stations in Europe and the USA, Sixt will be able to process all card payments in line with the latest standards....

Car rental firm Sixt overhauls payments with Computop

05/15/2018 | Finextra (Online-Medien)

The international mobility service provider Sixt has restructured its customer payment processes. Computop, one of the leading payment service providers, is the central service provider for customer payments ...

Comments Regarding The Saks/Lord & Taylor Payment Card Data Breach

04/04/2018 | payment week

Earlier this week PaymentWeek received commentary on the situation involving the Saks/Lord & Taylor payment card data breach. The following are comments from Ralf Gladis, CEO of Computop, a payment service provider with over 20 years in business.

Secure payments on all channels

04/02/2018 | POS-Manager Technology, S. 8 (Printmedia)

Circulation: 67.372 - Computop, the global PSP, developed Computop Paygate, an omnichannel payment platform which enables globally standardised payments even at POS. Using a highly encrypted data transfer according to PCI P2PE certification...

Retail Trends for 2018

03/28/2018 | A1 Retail Magazine

We speak to some industry experts about what to expect in 2018. Ralf Gladis, CEO, Computop: "2017 saw much talked about technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), fast become reality. Our smartwatches are starting to pay for travel including taxis and our smartphones are just beginning to become a universal tool to buy and pay everywhere...

Is Cash Dead? An International View

03/16/2018 | retail TouchPoints

Written by Ralf Gladis, Computop - It’s widely believed that the ancient Greeks invented money as we know it. On the contrary, however, the first coins to ever appear came from a coastal kingdom on the Aegean Sea in ancient Turkey, about 2,700 years ago. The amount that each coin was worth was embossed on gold or silver flat coins. They were used to trade with visiting merchants from overseas. That’s a far cry from the “international payments” scene today...

What's "in store" for payments?

03/01/2018 | Financial IT – p.26

Circulation 102.000 – by Ralf Gladis, CEO Computop. Imagine a time when you walk into a shop to do some shopping, and there are no sales staff, no tills and no way to pay with cash. That may seem futuristic, but some of these things are happening at the present time, with a view to being the stores of the future...

What eBay's decision to ditch PayPal means for international payments

02/28/2018 | Global Banking & Finance Review

by Ralf Gladis, CEO, Computop – the payment people PayPal may be forgiven for feeling sore following eBay’s announcement last week that it is replacing PayPal as its main payment provider. Afterall, it had been the sole payment service provider for the auction site since the early days. In fact, PayPal was owned by eBay itself up until 2015. However, some might argue that a review of the relationship was long overdue. Either way, what’s clear now though is that PayPal’s loss is likely to mean an improvement in choice for eBay customers and sellers, whilst also empowering eBay...

eBay debuts new payments partnership

02/22/2018 | Electronic Payments International

eBay says farewell to its 15-year partnership with PayPal, (...) Ralf Gladis, CEO of Computop, speaks to Briony Richter about what this means for the payments industry.

This is why eBay is dropping PayPal as their payments provider

02/15/2018 | IMRG blog

by Ralf Gladis, CEO Computop – It is no secret at this point that eBay, one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, will be replacing PayPal as its main payments processing provider. eBay had purchased PayPal back in 2002 and spun it off in 2015, but the two organisations had remained tightly linked, with PayPal continuing to process payments for eBay. Now, this will change...

Automotive Payment: Patchwork or Connected Solution?

02/08/2018 | POSitivity Magazine, p. 25

by Ralf Gladis – (...) Of course, you’ve already heard about silent, auto- matic in-app payment with cards, PayPal, Apple Pay or WeChat. Computop does all of that, but let me point your attention to a less fancy subject: accounting and wallets...

Why eBay changed course with PayPal: Control, data, cost and user experience

02/06/2018 | Mobile Payments Today

Circulation – 47,925 – by Ralf Gladis, CEO Computop – The news of e-commerce behemoth eBay turning away from PayPal as its main payments processor has been widely reported. But why did eBay do this? Let's take a look at some of the reasons...

PayPal Takes a Beating...

02/05/2018 | Digital Transactions (Online-Medien)

When news broke last week that eBay Inc. will begin moving away from its tight embrace of PayPal Holdings Inc. for payment processing, investors immediately punished PayPal’s stock, interpreting the move as a big blow to the company’s busines ...

Payments: A Crystal Ball View

01/05/2018 | Global Banking & Finance Review

Ralf Gladis, CEO, payment services provider, Computop Where once payments by voice, a tap on a screen or a nod of the head may have seemed the stuff of sci-fi movies, it’s quickly becoming a reality. Companies around the globe and competing to transform shopping and payments as we know it. From the Internet of Things (IoT) to virtual reality and cryptocurrencies, payments are poised to look a lot different in 2018 and beyond. Following are my predictions for the future of payments...

What Will the Future of Payments Look Like?

11/28/2017 | Digital Transactions (Online-Medien)

As long as consumers have good reason to believe that they will have their privacy infringed, it will be impossible for politicians to introduce a cashless society. It doesn’t take a crystal ball to know that in the coming years, digital transformation will continue to make shopping more convenient. And with that shopping convenience comes increased demand for payment convenience, as well.