Mobile payment authentication impacted by biometrics

12/07/2018 | The Paypers

Computop, for instance, sees a rising demand for biometric solutions from the white label customers (mostly banks and PSPs). Therefore, biometric authentication will apply to all contactless transactions made at terminals with a mobile device.

Payment Fraud: Can the Industry Beat the Hackers

11/29/2018 | Electronic Payments International

The financial sector may be moving rapidly with multiple emerging technologies, but the payments system is being exploited every day. Computop CEO Ralf Gladis speaks to Briony Richter about fighting fraud and beating the hackers.

The platform economy is coming

11/23/2018 | IT Pro Portal

By Ralf Gladis - The advantage for digital marketplaces is that they are free from the constraints of a regional or national location –which means they are capable of much more, particularly for entrepreneurs, smaller suppliers or companies that want to expand into new geographical markets. Of the over two billion pounds spent by online shoppers around the world each year, around half now flows through trading platforms such as Amazon Marketplace, eBay, Farfetch or Tmall, one of the marketplaces operated by the Chinese industry giant, Alibaba....

Computop upgrades its payment platform with fraud prevention and more

10/25/2018 | The Paypers

Computop has announced that its payment platform, Computop Paygate, has been updated with the launch of Version 7.0. Computop Paygate delivers over 250 payment methods, more than 50 acquirer connections, provides protection against fraud and supports many other payment transaction services. Version 7.0 introduces multiple new features,...

Mobile payments – Learning from the Chinese example

09/28/2018 | Payments Cards & Mobile

by Ralf Gladis – When it comes to mobile payments, China is leaving the rest of the world standing. The trillions of dollars in mobile payment transactions that were carried out by Chinese consumers between January and October 2017 is staggering, particularly when compared with the considerably more conservative mobile payment numbers in the US and Europe...

Future of Retail

08/20/2018 | A1 Retail

Ralf Gladis, CEO of Computop: When it comes to payment, convenience and security top everything for the consumer. So, whilst payments are set to become a more silent, automated process, consumers will still seek the reassurance of debit cards and credit cards with one eye on the simplicity of an e-wallet or pamynet through their smartphone (...)

What can US retailers learn from China about mobile payments?

06/29/2018 | mobile payments today

By Andre Malinowski, CEO, Computop Inc. U.S. – When it comes to mobile payments, it's no secret that China is in the lead globally. In 2016, mobile payments totaled $5.5 trillion in that country, according to iResearch Consulting Group. In comparison, Forrester Research estimated that the U.S.'s mobile payments market was $112 billion – clearly a significant difference.

EHI Kartenkongress 2018: Germany is ready for innovation

06/05/2018 | The Paypers

(...) Secondly, s.Oliver presented their new omnichannel solution, developed with Computop, among others, explaining what omnichannel means in Germany today. The key difference between omnichannel and multichannel is that while multichannel solutions are touchpoint-centric, i.e. the solution is made to best fit the method of shopping and/or paying, omnichannel is customer-centric, i.e. the solution is made to give the customer a unified, connected experience...

In India, Banking Banks On Blockchain

05/24/2018 |

(...) Also in Asia, this time in China, Computop, the payment service provider, has announced a partnership with eCommerce-focused ChinaPay. Under the terms of the deal, the duo will provide global payments services, focused on Chinese merchant transactions, to customers outside of China. The companies said in a release that Computop will provide its payment platform, Computop Paygate, which will let customers use alternative payment methods during eCommerce transactions...

ChinaPay, Computop partner for global payments services

05/24/2018 | The Paypers

Computop has partnered with ChinaPay to enable merchant transactions to customers outside of China`s borders. The server-based payment solution enables customers to use their preferred Alternative Payment Methods (APM) in their domestic currency, when buying goods online. Computop Paygate verifies transactions and processes payments in Europe, North and South America and, in a second step, in India and Southeast Asia...


05/23/2018 | PayNews (CN)

2018年5月21日,中国北京—全球领先的支付服务供应商(PSP)Computop宣布与支付服务提供商银联电子支付(ChinaPay)建立合作伙伴关系,推进电子商务实施“一带一路”倡议。   Computop的可供选择的支付方式(APM)技术将促进由中国国家主席习近平提出的“一带一路”政治倡议的电子商务部分。该倡议作为估值8万亿美元基础设施计划的一部分,侧重于欧亚国家之间的交流和合作。

ChinaPay joins forces with Computop to expand payment services globally

05/23/2018 | Electronic Payments International

Chinese payment service provider ChinaPay has teamed up with Computop to offer global payment services. Under the partnership, ChinaPay will use the Computop Paygate platform in order to support Chinese merchant transactions for customers outside China...

Sixt launches omnichannel payment platform

05/18/2018 | Retail Systems

Car rental company Sixt has restructured its customer payment processes, switching to Computop as its central service provider for customer payments. Payments from online shops, PoS terminals in branches and telephone bookings will in now be run via a single platform...

Sixt launches global omnichannel payment with Computop

05/18/2018 | Global Banking & Finance Review

(...) Stephan Kück, Managing Director of Computop, commented on the cooperation: “We are delighted to be able to integrate a true global Omnichannel solution for Sixt that is exemplary for the future industry of mobility. Processing via our ComputopPaygate also gives Sixt new possibilities for the analysis and reporting of its global payment transactions”.

Sixt partners Computop to launch global omnichannel payments

05/16/2018 | The Paypers

Sixt has partnered with Computop, a payment service provider, to restructure its payments operations after an omnichannel strategy. The upgrade will support payments from online shops, POS terminals in the branches and telephone bookings (MOTO) via a single platform....