Merchant Payments Ecosystem 2019 – what`s in store for payments and fintech

02/01/2019 | The Paypers

The Paypers has caught up with several speakers of the upcoming Merchant Payments Ecosystem 2019 to learn about the future payments and fintech drivers. (...) Ralf Gladis, CEO & Founder, Computop: "We will witness the rise of biometric authentication. Mastercard has already announced to require issuers to provide biometric authentication to cardholders. While biometrics will provide security as well as convenience, European merchants will focus on old school payment methods like direct debit and open invoice in order to avoid PSD2 two-factor authentication damaging their conversion rate."

EYE Views: 2019 will see data privacy and security go mainstream

01/23/2019 | mobileindustryeye

Ralf Gladis, CEO of Computop: Biometrics will begin to have a serious impact on how people pay for goods using their mobiles as the technology for payments transactions continues to evolve and become faster and more reliable.

What If All Governments Agreed Digital Currencies Were Good?


Finance Monthly takes a deeper look at the global response to cryptocurrencies. Ralf Gladis, CEO of Computop, answers questions surrounding regulation and global consensus, with some interesting pointers on privacy and trade therein.

COMMENTARY: Why Cryptocurrencies Are a Solution in Search of a Problem

01/10/2019 | Digital Transactions

by Ralf Gladis, CEO Computop - (...) it would take many years to establish cryptocurrencies as a widely accepted form of payment, even if central banks take the lead. And why should they do that? To make payments a little cheaper and a bit more global?(...)

Card payment trends in 2019 will be all about security

01/03/2019 | Cards International

Ralf Gladis, CEO, Computop: "For the first time in the UK, debit card transactions overtook cash as the most popular form of payment. According to research, when it comes to cashless payments, both Canada and Sweden are ahead of the pack, but this change in the UK is a significant indicator of the general trend towards electronic payment solutions and away from cash."

Innovation set to lead the way for payments in 2019

01/03/2019 | Electronic Payments International

However, at Computop, we have not seen many new and relevant payment methods emerging. Instead, our merchants are focusing on implementing the infrastructure that will allow omnichannel payments on an international scale. Good examples of this are international car-rental firm Sixt, which now has highly encrypted P2PE terminals in its locations in Europe and the US, and German fashion company s.Oliver, with click-and-collect and ship-from-store solutions and many other advanced services.

Customer experience key to the future of banking in 2019

01/03/2019 | Retail Banker International

Ralf Gladis, CEO, Computop: "In 2018 we have seen innovations – but perhaps not as many as we hoped for. The PSD2 directive kicked off in January, and while Instant Payments were a key part of this, they still had a tough start."

How biometrics will shape the future of mobile authentication

12/20/2018 | ATM Marketplace

By Ralf Gladis, Founding Director, Computop: No longer the stuff of science fiction, biometrics technology is fast becoming a reality for today’s businesses and consumers. (...) Therefore, it’s not only the authentication which provides better security. When we process a biometric authentication at Computop we never exchange biometric data but only cryptographic key pairs.

The changing shape of omnichannel payments

12/19/2018 | Internet Retailing

by Ralf Gladis, CEO at Computop - (...)Looking ahead, we can be sure that the payments landscape will change. Only methods that support silent, smooth, automatic processes with a global reach will have a future. We don’t need new brands with new payment solutions. Instead, the established payment brands that consumers trust will simply evolve. Handing over delicate processes to our smart devices necessitates a big change in consumer behaviour, particularly amongst older generations. (...)

Mobile payment authentication impacted by biometrics

12/07/2018 | The Paypers

Computop, for instance, sees a rising demand for biometric solutions from the white label customers (mostly banks and PSPs). Therefore, biometric authentication will apply to all contactless transactions made at terminals with a mobile device.

Payment Fraud: Can the Industry Beat the Hackers

11/29/2018 | Electronic Payments International

The financial sector may be moving rapidly with multiple emerging technologies, but the payments system is being exploited every day. Computop CEO Ralf Gladis speaks to Briony Richter about fighting fraud and beating the hackers.

The platform economy is coming

11/23/2018 | IT Pro Portal

By Ralf Gladis - The advantage for digital marketplaces is that they are free from the constraints of a regional or national location –which means they are capable of much more, particularly for entrepreneurs, smaller suppliers or companies that want to expand into new geographical markets. Of the over two billion pounds spent by online shoppers around the world each year, around half now flows through trading platforms such as Amazon Marketplace, eBay, Farfetch or Tmall, one of the marketplaces operated by the Chinese industry giant, Alibaba....

Computop upgrades its payment platform with fraud prevention and more

10/25/2018 | The Paypers

Computop has announced that its payment platform, Computop Paygate, has been updated with the launch of Version 7.0. Computop Paygate delivers over 250 payment methods, more than 50 acquirer connections, provides protection against fraud and supports many other payment transaction services. Version 7.0 introduces multiple new features,...

Mobile payments – Learning from the Chinese example

09/28/2018 | Payments Cards & Mobile

by Ralf Gladis – When it comes to mobile payments, China is leaving the rest of the world standing. The trillions of dollars in mobile payment transactions that were carried out by Chinese consumers between January and October 2017 is staggering, particularly when compared with the considerably more conservative mobile payment numbers in the US and Europe...

Future of Retail

08/20/2018 | A1 Retail

Ralf Gladis, CEO of Computop: When it comes to payment, convenience and security top everything for the consumer. So, whilst payments are set to become a more silent, automated process, consumers will still seek the reassurance of debit cards and credit cards with one eye on the simplicity of an e-wallet or pamynet through their smartphone (...)

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