Apple Pay

Apple Pay LogoIn Apple Pay, Computop Paygate is providing you with a helpful omnichannel payment method that makes it easy and fast for your customers to pay online or at the Point of Sale, helping you to leave a good impression at the check-out and give your customers a positive payment experience.

Regardless of whether it is being used for in-app payment, in a webshop or as a contactless payment at the Point of Sale, Apple Pay can be blended seamlessly into any important sales channel. The Touch ID fingerprint sensor, a well-known feature from the iPhone, protects Apple Pay against unauthorised access and prevents misuse. The biometric authentication also speeds up the check-out process: a fingerprint is all that is required to authorise the payment – it is not necessary to enter card data or a PIN.

Apple Pay is a payment method that can be used worldwide by people who own later generations of Apple devices. It uses tokens rather than credit card details, and provides optimal protection of data.

Apple Pay supports all sales channels i.e. at the POS, online and mobile. Furthermore, Apple Pay is based on card payments, which many retailers have been using for a very long time already. As such, the retailer only needs to adapt their till to accept contactless payments –  all accounting and ERP system processes can remain the same. This reduces the amount of integration work required, as well as costs.

Apple Pay can be used in the USA, France, China, Great Britain and Switzerland (click here for a complete list of countries available). Your customers will need an up-to-date Apple device that supports Apple Pay (i.e. an iPhone 6 or later) in order to use this method of payment.

All the benefits of Apple Pay at a glance

  • A smooth omnichannel payment experience  for webshops, at the POS or for in-app payments
  • Payment is fast and secure thanks to the tokenisation and Touch ID fingerprint sensor
  • Convenient check-out ensures a positive customer experience

Apple Pay as payment method in Mobile SDK

Apple Pay is integrated into Mobile SDK from Computop. With the Computop Mobile SDK, you get a software development kit that enables users to easily integrate all relevant payment methods into one app. Mobile SDK from Computop provides you with all the programming tools and libraries required for secure payment transactions, allowing app developers to focus on the app itself. This means payment methods such as Apple Pay can be included in apps without the need for individual development work, and the integration of payment transactions is quicker and easier for you.

Computop Mobile SDK for easy in-app payments