Online bank transfers

Online bank transfers offer real time, guaranteed payments for merchants. Online bank transfers are also a preferred payment method for many customers who either accustomed to paying products and service online with online bank transfer or trust their bank more than they do the merchant. During checkout, the customer is sent from the shop to his/her own bank's online banking system to make a transfer in the usual way and then taken back to the shop, which confirms the transaction of the product or digital goods in real time.

Computop provides domestic and international solutions  

Using Computop Paygate, merchants can easily accept domestic and international online transfers for North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Online transfers via Computop Paygate


MyBank is an online bank transfer payment method with a merchant payment guarantee. Bank customers log into their online banking environment. They review the payment for funds to be credited directly to the payee's account.


TrustPay is a real-time bank transfer system for central and eastern Europe. More than 200 million customers can use it to buy goods and services in 15 countries by logging onto their online bank account at the check-out and entering, alongside their password, a specific ID code provided to them by email.

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Trustly enables online shoppers to pay straight from their bank in a secure and convenient way. Today Trustly supports more markets, authentication methods and banks than any other real-time bank transfer method in Europe. With Trustly’s online banking payment solution, you can reach more than 400 million consumers through over 3,300+ banks across 29 European markets.

Through Computop’s integration with Trustly, you will gain a lot of benefits:

●    Instant Credit Notifications let you serve your customers faster
●    Automated and fast refunds can increase your customer loyalty
●    Unrivalled Coverage gives you the best reach across Europe
●    Slick UI decreases cart abandonment and is embedded in your checkout


The international online transfer system from Sofort AG is currently available in 13 countries. Part of the Klarna Group, Sofort offers integration of the payment process into the webshop, taking purchasers to their banking site and making transfers using PIN/TAN.


SafetyPay is the leading global real-time online transfer system, with access to over 250 million bank customers in Europe, the USA, Canada and Latin America. Customers are taken from the webshop to their bank's site for payment.

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Przelewy24 is an online banking method in Poland that offers online bank authentication for account transactions in real time and available to over 30 Polish banks. Przelewy24 can be used by almost all Polish online banking customers.

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PostFinance is a subsidiary of the Swiss Post Office. This payment method has a market share of about 60% of online payments, making it the market leader in Swiss payment processing and giving merchants access to over 3.5 million potential customers.


POLi is a secure and reliable online banking service for Australia and New Zealand. Merchants can reach about 95% of all customers in these countries with access to online banking.

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PayU provides payment solutions in a range of countries. Using Paygate, online transfers in Poland can be integrated easily, offering merchants a powerful payment solution for Eastern Europe.


In the Netherlands, iDEAL transfers are a guarantee of success: some 100,000 webshops and organisations offer iDEAL. About 50% of all e-commerce payments are made using iDEAL, which accounts for about 13 million transactions a month.

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Giropay is an online transfer system using PIN and TAN, giving merchants access to nearly 40 million online banking customers in Germany and Austria.

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Alipay supports online transfers to more than 100 Chinese banks: via the international platform with remittances in EUR, GBP and USD, and via the local platform with remittances in RMB on favourable terms. With a local Paygate in China, fast and reliable payments are assured despite of the Chinese firewall.

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AstroPay Direct

AstroPay Direct is a real time bank transfer payment method for Latin America, which opens up markets in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay.

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Banco do Brasil Comércio Eletrônico

One in five online payment transactions in Brazil are done via online bank transfer. Computop Paygate supports transactions for all relevant Brazilan banks including Banco do Brasil Comércio Eletrônico.

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Bradesco Comércio Eletrônico

Online transfers via banks like Bradesco Comércio Eletrônico are a significant payment method in Brazil.

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Banrisul Banricompras

Computop Paygate offers merchants online transfers via Banrisul Banricompras, one of the main banks in Brasil. Online bank transfers are a popular payment method in Brasil.

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HSBC Comércio Eletrônico

Want to accept more transactions in Brazil? Accept online bank transfers via Brazil’s HSBC Comércio Eletrônico as 20% of all ecommerce payment transactions in Brazil are made via online transfer.


In Austria, online transfers using EPS (Electronic Payment Standard) are widespread in e-commerce and represent a useful addition to the portfolio of payment types. EPS expands the likelihood of attracting purchasers and is easy to use, whilst offering high levels of security.

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