Cash-In, Prepaid & Co

Alternative payment methods beyond card based payments remain popular for eCommerce in many regions. This is true for Brazil, Russia and Germany, where ecommerce purchases are paid in cash, or via bank cards or credit cards over the counter at a local pharmacy, retail store or post office.

Pay offline for online purchases  

Customers buy pre-paid cards or vouchers in-store or online. They can then pay for their purchases without having to enter their own bank details at the online shop. This type of payment is secure for the merchant because, with payment in advance, subsequent chargebacks cannot arise. The customer cards function as pre-paid cards or can offer flexible lines of credit or loyalty points systems. In the case of cash-in solutions, the customer prints out a payment slip and uses it to make payment at authorised stores or bank branches. Since the merchant sends out the goods only after receiving confirmation of payment, this method similarly provides protection against fraud.

Cash and bill payment with Paygate

Boleto Bancário

In Brazil, over 30% of online payments are made using this cash-in solution. Using a payment slip, customers who have ordered goods can pay for them in cash at supermarkets, post office branches or any one of over 48,000 bank terminals.

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Barzahlen enables shoppers in Germany to pay offline at over 3400 branches including: DM, mobilcom debitel, Real and Telekom for online purchases.

Pre-paid and customer cards in Paygate


This pre-paid card is in widespread use for micro-payments in in gaming, gambling and adult content. Customers can purchase it in values of between EUR 5 and EUR 100 from over 450,000 sales points worldwide, and use it to make anonymous online payments without entering account or credit card details.

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The Ikano Shopping Card emphasizes customer loyalty and allows the customer to also pay in instalment. This takes place at no risk to the merchant, as Ikano Bank offers a 100% payment guarantee and date-specific payment.

Cofidis customer cards

Cofidis customer cards 'Carte 4 Etoiles', 'Carte Helline' and 'Carte Helline 4 Etoiles' can also be accepted via Computop Paygate.

Cash in Advance

Cash in Advance

Cash in advance offers remains a relevant payment type in ecommerce in Germany. Thus, the payment method is available in Computop Paygate.