Global and Local Solutions

Merchants who want successfully expand internationally, need to consider adapting to customers’ local customs and preferences. Customers’ purchasing behaviours differ from country to country. Computop is your partner for international expansion. We provide solutions and consultation beyond the right payment mix. Computop Paygate also offers local solutions like debt management and currency conversion, which provide you with with the right tools for international success.

Payment worldwide
As individual as a country and its inhabitants, as are also its payment preferences. Discover payment worldwide on our interactive world map.
Currency conversion
Display and offer local currencies on your webshop for international success.
Debt management
Implement consistent and reliable processes for your cash flow.
Payment in Europe
E-Commerce, mobile or point of sale: Europe continues to be a huge market with further growth potential on all channels.
Country Overview – China
Conquer the great Asian tiger with the right payment methods.
Country Overview – Brazil
Looking to expand your business to Brazil? Offer local solutions and payments for your ecommerce success.