Every 3rd merchant offers payments depending on the customer


The 22nd ECC-Payment-Study, supported by Computop, shines a light on payment preferences both at the merchant and consumer side. The D-A-CH region as a powerful centre of European e-commerce is a strong point of interest for cross-border sales. Besides the pure preferences, it shows much more about payments, e.g. about the merchants' decisive base for tailoring payment mix individually to the consumer. Read more

Nine out of ten customers satisfied with advice


Every fifth online shopper (20%) has has already obtained expert advice in an online shop. In the 50 – 64 year age group it’s just over a quarter (26%). Read more

Payment without frontiers 2020


Limits created by channels and international frontiers should no longer be relevant to payment procedure in future. This is the conclusion reached by online merchants asked by the ECC Cologne in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Malte Krüger for their latest research paper, entitled “Payment in E commerce Vol.19 – Online Payment as it Affects Merchants and Consumers”. Read more

Alibaba continues to invest in cloud computing


Businessinsider reports that the Chinese e commerce merchant, Alibaba, is planning to invest more in expanding its cloud computing segment. The ambitious aim is to overtake Amazon, a major competitor. Read more