Sixt launches global omnichannel payment with Computop / press release


The international mobility service provider Sixt has restructured its customer payment processes. Computop, one of the leading payment service providers, is the central service provider for customer payments from all channels and all of Sixt’s corporate countries. With the changeover, payments from online shops, POS terminals in the branches and telephone bookings (MOTO) will in future run via a single platform. Read more

Instant Payments: merchants open-minded, consumers cautious


More than every second merchant in the D-A-CH region looks forward to integrating Instant Payments: 52 per cent express their interest in the ECC payment study vol. 22 – powered by Computop – and say that they would definitely use it. Only 10 per cent feel completely negative. Consumers seem more cautious: only 21 per cent claim to be convinced, while 53 per cent are rather observant, about one quarter of the consumers are not interested at all. Read more

Omni-channel gains importance in payment mix


When setting up their payment mix, merchants look for omni-channel payment methods. The 22nd ECC payment study, supported by global Payment Processor Computop, reveals that 67 per cent of merchants focus on omni-channel applicability when selecting their payment partners. This is a 14.7 per cent higher rate than in 2017. No wonder: matching sales channels results in a better overview and saves cost. Read more

The payment process is a critical issue for merchants


The payment process is a critical issue that often decides whether a merchant achieves turnover or receives a cancelled purchase instead. Mailing Schmelter of @ECCKoeln takes a close look at the payment market and its developments at #PlanetTrade 2018. Register now! Read more

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