Distinguished payment solutions
for public transport.

Simple and convenient payments for your passengers - maximum efficiency for your transport operations. Computop payment solutions adapt flexibly to the needs of your passengers and the conditions of your transport system.

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Our solution at a glance

Ticket purchases, made easier than ever. For subscription customers and occasional users.

The Computop Pay2Access solution

Computop Pay2Access offers all passengers unlimited flexibility and maximum comfort when using your transportation system. Our solution combines the consumption-based and simple levying of transport charges with an automated access control to your means of transport.

How it works:
  • The passenger places his credit card or smartphone on the designated contact point at the turnstile and is granted access to the bus or train platform.

  • By placing the payment method again when leaving the destination station, the fare to be paid is calculated exactly according to the distance travelled.

  • In principle, the procedure does not require the passenger's registration.

  • Weekly, monthly or annual tickets are also accepted - either in physical or digital form (app).


Easy payments in busses, trains & Co.

Smart City -
Smart Public Transport

Sustainable urban planning faces many challenges. However, the essential prerequisite is a public transport system that meets the demands of the inhabitants for affordable and comprehensive mobility.

With Computop's intelligent public transport solution you can ensure that your passengers do not need longer than necessary to buy a ticket and that the fare always corresponds exactly to the distance covered.

This increases the attractiveness of buses, trains and the like - and at the same time helps you to achieve significant cost savings and smooth operational processes.


Advantages of Computop's Pay2Access Solution at a glance


Less hectic at the stop

Using the Pay2Access system makes queuing at ticket machines and the tiresome search for coins superfluous. By simply swiping their credit card or smartphone over the turnstall at the bus or train platform, passengers identify themselves as paying users and mark their point of entry for subsequent exact fare calculation.

Fair, transparent pricing

With Pay2Access you always charge your passengers the exact price for the transport service provided - down to the last mile. Thus, you encourage the use of your buses and trains by those people who only have to travel a few stops.

No confusing fare structures

Tourists, business travellers and occasional users who puzzle in front of the ticket machine about which ticket to buy are a familiar sight - to the chagrin of all frequent travellers. By using the Pay2Access solution, you make the use of your means of transport as attractive as possible for these groups of people as well.

Transportation Authorities:

Higher revenues

Pay2Access also makes your transport system attractive for those residents and visitors who rarely or never used it in the past. Fairer prices and fewer delays thanks to more efficient processes increase the satisfaction of all passengers. At the same time, the area-wide access control reduces the number of fare dodgers to a minimum.

Reduced costs

The collection of fares is a substantial cost factor for transport companies worldwide. Practical examples show that these costs can be reduced considerably when an open-loop system is introduced, as there is no need for ticket checks or the widespread installation and operation of ticket vending machines.

Insights into the behaviour of your passengers

With the Pay2Access system you can track the use of your means of transport by your passengers in detail. The cumulative, totally anonymised analysis of movement profiles provides you with valuable decision-making criteria for optimising your existing operations as well as for the future expansion of your route network in line with demand.


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