Understanding Consumer Behavior in the 2016 Holiday Shopping Season

In 2014 and 2015 Black Friday and Cyber Monday proved seminal events for UK and US retailers. Sales records were smashed - and websites crashed - as frenzied shoppers snapped up retail deals and promotions.

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With the 2016 holiday season just weeks away, Computop conducted research to gain a better understanding of consumers and their expected shopping behaviours in the run up to Christmas and explore their security concerns when shopping online.

The web-based survey targeted consumers in the United States and the United Kingdom, aged between 18 and 60+. The survey gathered 1,932 qualified responses (US: 1,037; UK: 895) with respondents being evenly weighted by gender (54.6% Female, 45.5% Male).

Key findings in the report (excerpt)

The findings highlight that while convenience continues to drive online shopping behaviours during the holiday season, buying patterns are evolving as increasingly savvy cyber shoppers become more discerning – and cynical - about the marketing hype surrounding Cyber Weekend offers.

The results also point to a broader – and growing - consumer uncertainty surrounding the safety and security of their payment information online.

Online shopping preferences are high

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Today’s connected and device wielding consumers continue to value the ease and convenience of online shopping. Over three-quarters (76%) of respondents confirmed they plan to shop online this holiday season, with 55% saying they expect to spend the same amount online as last year and 19% planning to spend more.

The shift to mobile

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A growing numbers of shoppers now view their mobile device as a 24/7 shopping companion. lndeed almost one-third (29%) of consumers planning to shop online on Cyber Monday 2016 told us they will be doing so from a mobile device.

Consumers weigh up the risks and benefits of shooping online

A significant 41% of shoppers said they had no plans to utilise any form of biometric authentication in the near future and just 3% had already set up a biometric ID with their banking or card provider.

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