PCI-certified security with Computop

Computop Paygate meets the strict security requirements of Visa and MasterCard, in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the PCI Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) standard for secure POS and mPOS solutions. Computop is the first certified P2PE Solution Provider in Germany and number 14 worldwide. Both PCI certificates are evidence are evidence of Computop's technical and organisational security. Computop customers benefit both from a secure payment platform and an array of solutions that reduce time-consuming and costly PCI certification requirements.

PCI certification is relevant to all merchants that accept, redirect or store credit card data via their online shop, call centre or physical store. In addition to annually recurring costs, certification also require an estimated 10-50 man-hours. Certification also means purchasing new hardware or software.

Paygate payment solutions offer PCI solutions. Computop payment forms allow customers send their credit card data not to the shop but directly to Paygate, which informs the merchant of the payment outcome. Data is stored and processed only on Paygate’s certified payment platform. Computop's Corporate PayPage can be tailored to the merchant’s own individual corporate design via XML/XSLT.

Computop offers tokenization, or pseudo-card numbers (PCN), which allows merchants to offer recurring customers “one-click-shopping”. A PCN or Token masks the real credit card information and acts as a substitute to the customer’s credit card number. Merchants are able to offer repeat customers to store their credit card information securely and compliantly and reduce their checkout process and time. The recurring customer does not need to keep re-entering their credit card information. The last three digits of the PCN are identical to the actual card number so repeat customers can easily select the card they want to use from several credit cards.