You would not judge a person upon a single trait?
Neither should your fraud solution.

Defend your business against fraud with the selflearning transaction scoring solution of Computop.
Static risk scorings have proven themselves to be a reliable protection against many fraud schemes. However, they entail a fundamental


disadvantage: Trustworthy shoppers might be rejected, just because they placed their order from a certain location or use a credit card issued in a certain country.

The holistic approach

With Computop’s new AI Fraud Score, your risk management will no longer be restricted to mere generalizations. Our scoring model applies a machine learning algorithm based on various risk parameters, adjusted to your individual risk experience and continuously improving with every credit card transaction being made.

This way, whole groups of potential customers no longer will be inherently excluded from your business, resulting in higher overall conversion rates and an increase of revenue. Furthermore, our solution fully complies with the EU Geoblocking Regulation coming into effect on December 2018.

AI Fraud Score

Computop AI Fraud Score is an automated risk scoring engine based on a self-learning computer algorithm. In addition to the established Computop fraud checks, our new scoring technology relies on a broader variety of risk parameters and automatically learns from a merchant’s chargeback and fraud history. Thus, it does not simply weight scores of single risk parameters but determines which constellation of

parameters are typically leading to fraud and chargebacks, constantly adapting the scoring results to current fraud schemes and threat scenarios. Fully integrated in Computop Paygate, the solution can be easily configured and will offer you a maximum level of protection against any fraud attempt conducted via credit card.

Advantages of the AI Fraud Score

  • Machine-learning approach: Continuous decrease of successful fraud attempts
  • Individual adaption to risk experience based on merchant‘s industry and target groups
  • Transparent transaction scoring based on clear parameters, no black box
  • Customizable to each merchant‘s individual risk appetite
  • Fully integrated into existing payment processing by Computop Paygate, no additional integration necessary
  • Compliant with the new EU Geoblocking Regulation, no IP- and BIN-blacklisting
  • Free test run of transaction scoring available before go-live


Test your appetite for risk in our interactive Computop Fraud Calculator.

Hinweis: Diese Demo-App veranschaulicht lediglich die Funktionsweise der Risikobewertung, sie entspricht nicht dem tatsächlichen Konfigurations-Tool von AI Fraud Score.

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